The Taphouse Pub & Eatery in Boise has quickly become a staple of the downtown landscape. The Taphouse opened in 2012 by owner Brian Forde with the goal of offering the most taps of any restaurant in Boise.

The menu is diverse, ranging from salads to mac & cheese to sandwiches and burgers. Each different type of dish was obviously given its own thought when it was created, and you can’t go wrong with almost anything you order.

The beer and cocktail selection is one of the main reasons to visit the Taphouse. You are likely to find anything you are in the mood for, and you can try a variety of different beers all in the same night.

The Taphouse also has a sliding garage door as their front window, which means you can dine while watching people walk by through downtown. The restaurant really is located right in the middle of downtown, which means it is never far from you if you are spending the night downtown. It is across the street from the Grove Plaza and only steps from the Century Link Arena or Egyptian Theatre.

The only downside of the Taphouse is no host or hostess, which means if it’s busy you are going to have to fight for a seat. But with plenty of TVs and beers on tap, it is the perfect place to go watch a game.

760 W. Main St.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 336-6991

Taphouse Pub & Eatery Website