The Rose Garden in Boise’s Julia Davis Park is a treasure not many cities have. It is located near Capitol Boulevard in downtown Boise, near Zoo Boise, the Idaho State Museum, and Boise Art Museum.

The Rose Garden is a popular destination for weddings in Boise, due to its beauty and picturesque setting. There is a pavilion on the grounds, which you can rent. If you are looking to plan your wedding or another event, reservations are only taken beginning on January 1 of each year.

The Rose Garden was first conceptualized in 1935 by the Mens Garden Club “Cut Worms.” When the Boise Rose Garden opened in 1939, nearly 3,000 roses were planted in the garden.

In 1992, the Rose Garden in Boise received an accreditation as a Public Rose Garden, according to the City of Boise, and now receives 10 bushes each year.

Julia Davis Park is Boise’s oldest park, created after a donation of 43 acres by Thomas Davis to the city in 1907. Tom Davis was an early Boise founder — he moved to the city from Ohio in the mid-1800s to search for gold. He met Julia a few years later and they eventually were married.

Visiting the Boise Rose Garden in Julia Davis Park.

Tom Davis helped lay out the blueprint for the city, and donated the land to Boise after Julia died at the age of 60. His requirement with the gift was that the land would always be used as a public park.

Learn more about reserving the Rose Garden or other areas of Julia Davis Park here.