If you’re looking for a great date night in Boise, there are so many amazing restaurants. If you are looking for super classy Boise date night restaurants, here are our favorite options:

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The Modern
Tupelo Honey
Ruth’s Chris
The Brickyard
Lock Stock & Barrel
Capitol Cellars
Owyhee Tavern


Txikiteo is an amazing location for a few reasons, and one is that they are owned by The Modern, an upscale boutique hotel in Boise’s Linen District. The restaurant is a great date night location because they offer delicious food, cocktails, and ambience.

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The only downside of Txikiteo is that it’s quite small and has few tables. During the summer it’s much better because there is an outdoor space, with a firepit and events happening — like musicians and other artists performing.

Their menu includes everything from meat and cheese plates to lamb stew and anchovy tapas. Txikiteo is not necessarily going to be a big dinner, but it is more about the experience.

Txikiteo Location:

175 N 14th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Txikiteo’s Website


Chandler’s is the ultimate date night in Boise. It is a classy steakhouse that has been around for decades. Located within Hotel 43, Chandler’s offers some of the best steak and seafood in Boise. They also have jazz on a regular basis.

Just a warning before going to Chandler’s — it is not inexpensive. Chandler’s is the type of place you should spend a special occasion, but maybe only one a year or so. It is a delicious and amazing experience though, and well worth the price.

Their menu items include Filet Mignon, Oysters Rockefeller, Scallops, Salmon, and others. They even offer a Vegan Steak.

Chandler’s Location:

981 W Grove Street
Boise, ID 83702

Chandler’s Website

The Modern

The Modern is actually owned by the same people as Txikiteo. Not only do they have some of the best cocktails in Boise, but they also have an amazing chef (a James Beard Award semifinalist) and therefore plenty of dinner options — most of them created from local sources.

The Modern’s menu options include gnocchi, corned beef, rockfish, and pork paprikas. The experience of the Modern Bar is worth a great night and should be on anyone’s list for the best date night in Boise.

The Modern Location:

1314 W Grove Street
Boise, ID 83702

The Modern Bar’s Website

Tupelo Honey

Best date night restaurants in Boise, Idaho - Tupelo Honey Boise.

Tupelo Honey is one of the newest additions to the Boise food scene. The restaurant is actually a chain, based in North Carolina, but the location is one of the reasons Tupelo Honey in Boise is on our list.

Tupelo Honey opened in November of 2019 in a space that was Piper Pub for decades, a more casual bar and restaurant and local favorite. When Tupelo Honey took over the space, they remodeled the entire thing, making it a more high-end option for dinner.

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Tupelo Honey is a southern restaurant with all southern recipes. Although they have a few fish dishes and other healthy options on their menu, expect nearly everything to be fried (the last time I went, 100 percent of their appetizers were fried in one way or another). That being said, it’s actually a fun experience.

In the summer, they have one of the best balconies overlooking downtown. And even in the winter, the ambience is a great place for a date night in Boise.

Tupelo Honey Location:

150 N 8th Street, Suite 200
Boise, ID 83702

Tupelo Honey’s Website

Ruth’s Chris Steak House

Ruth’s Chris is the one other chain restaurant on our list, but it needs to be here because they are (in our opinion) one of the best steak restaurants in the country.

The Ruth’s Chris in Boise is in a perfect location for a date night out, located in the Zions Bank building in downtown Boise. Whether you are out for a birthday, anniversary, or just got out of an Idaho Steelheads game. Their menu includes plenty of steak and seafood and is a restaurant with few surprises, which can be a good thing when you want to focus on your Boise date night.

Ruth’s Chris Steak House Location:

800 W Main Street, Suite 110
Boise, ID 83702

Ruth’s Chris’ Website

The Brickyard

The Brickyard is also located in downtown Boise, on the corner of 6th and Main. Located in a historic building (it was the original home of the Idaho Statesman), The Brickyard offers a romantic ambience with a great view of the city.

The Brickyard is also primarily a steakhouse, and they have a variety of different kinds of steaks. Some of their add-ons are interesting (and delicious), like Dungeness crabmeat and béarnaise or pancetta-wrapped scallops.

The Brickyard Location:

601 W Main Street
Boise, ID 83702

The Brickyard Website

Lock Stock & Barrel

Best Boise date night - Lock Stock & Barrel.

Lock Stock & Barrel is a Boise tradition for special events, and is also located downtown. It’s not in the fanciest of buildings, but is warm and inviting on the inside. Their steak is some of the best in Boise and if you are a salad bar fan (like I am), they have the most expansive salad bar in all of Boise.

Even though Lock Stock & Barrel is also primarily a steakhouse (we see a trend here), but they have many varieties of seafood, chicken, salad, and more. They have prime rib served nightly and a full pescatarian menu as well.

Lock Stock & Barrel Location:

1100 W Jefferson Street
Boise, ID 83702

Lock Stock & Barrel’s Website


Best Boise date night - Barbacoa restaurant.

Barbacoa is very unique in that it is both an old Boise restaurant, and a brand new Boise restaurant. This is because the building burned down a few years ago, and they completely rebuilt from the ground up.

Barbacoa’s menu includes everything from nachos and pizza, to smoked duck prosciutto and carne asada. And even though some of the menu items seem more fit to be on a bar menu, do not let that fool you — everything Barbacoa makes is five star-quality food.

One of the best parts about Barbacoa is their view of a nearby lake and Table Rock, especially during the summer when their outdoor deck is open.

Barbacoa Location:

276 West Bobwhite Court
Boise, ID 83706

Barbacoa’s Website

Capitol Cellars

Capitol Cellars is an incredibly unique restaurant. Located in a centuries-old building in downtown Boise, the location may have the best ambience of any other restaurant on this list. You really feel like you are in a wine cellar while you are there, and that makes for a romantic setting for your Boise date night.

Their menu includes items like beef tips, pasta, mussels, and prime rib, and the restaurant is proud of their wine selection — making Capitol Cellars a great option for date night in Boise.

Capitol Cellars Location:

110 S 5th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Capitol Cellars’ Website


Best Boise date night - Bodovino.

Bodovino is another restaurant in Boise known primarily for their wine selection. Bodovino has locations in both Boise and Meridian, and there are 144 types of wines you can order by the glass, or more than 600 you can order by the bottle.

The food at Bodovino might seem like an afterthought, but the selection includes tapas, flatbreads, cheese boards, and salads — and there is nothing there that is not world class.

Bodovino Location:

404 S 8th Street
Boise, ID 83702

Bodovino’s Website

Owyhee Tavern

Best date night restaurants in Boise, Idaho - Owyhee Tavern Boise.

The Owyhee Tavern has had many lives in Boise, but after changing ownership a few years ago, it has turned into one of the nicest restaurants in all of Boise. Located in the Owyhee Plaza (formerly a hotel, now condos), the Owyhee Tavern is owned by the same people as the Tavern at Bown Crossing and Tavern at Eagle Island.

The Owyhee Tavern in Boise is now a steak and seafood restaurant, but they also have a lot of variety on their menu, including salad, pasta, burgers, and sandwiches.

The restaurant is a beautiful restaurant in a historic building — right in the middle of downtown Boise.

Owyhee Tavern Location:

1109 Main Street
Boise, ID 83702

Owyhee Tavern’s Website

If you are looking for a date night in Boise, there are so many selections — but these options should give you a great place to start on your journey.