1314 W. Grove St.
Boise, Idaho 83702
(208) 424-8244

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The Modern Hotel is one of the most surprising hotels in Boise, and especially downtown Boise. It’s surprising because when I was a kid, it was a Travelodge motel, not much different than every other roadside motel.

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But something happened a decade ago. The Modern Hotel got a new owner, who completely remodeled it and made it a cool and trendy place to stay in downtown Boise. Around the time of the grand opening, the Modern held an art show in each room of the hotel, as well as a block party. The event cemented The Modern into the minds of Boiseans and visitors alike.

Ever since then, the hotel holds events, sponsors local organizations, and has one of the coolest bar and restaurants in Boise. It also has a beautiful courtyard where you can spend the day, or eat and drink next to the firepit at night.

Photo credits: Modern Hotel & Bar

The Modern Hotel and Bar offers high-class dining (with a James Beard-nominated chef) or just a nice place to have a drink with friends. When possible, they use local products.

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One of the best things about The Modern Hotel is its location — within a few blocks of the center of downtown and with free parking on-site.

The Modern Hotel is worth checking out on your next trip to Boise, and such a great addition to downtown Boise.

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