Flying Pie Pizzeria is a staple in Boise, Idaho. The pizza shop has been around since 1979, and is a kitschy addition to the food scene in Boise. Flying Pie has five locations around the Boise area, and is a great place for pizza, salad, or beer.

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Flying Pie is the definition of a greasy spoon pizza place, with the right amount of healthy or hangover pizza and beers on tap to hold you over while you wait for your pizza, or to drink with your pizza in-house.

It may be weird, but my favorite food in the whole world is a salad bar from a pizza place, and Flying Pie is one of the best. They have fresh ingredients, each of which goes perfectly with a Flying Pie pizza.

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You can order your pizza or salad to eat at the restaurant or to take home with you. Whichever you choose, take some time to appreciate the decor in any of the five restaurants. Plenty of love, and artwork, has gone into making each one feel like a homegrown restaurant in the Boise area.

There are plenty of amazing restaurants in the Boise area, but if you are looking for laid back and authentic to Boise then Flying Pie Pizzeria is a must-visit on your next trip to Boise.