About Us

Hi, I’m Jaclyn.

Boise, Idaho has grown exponentially in the last few decades. Between the mid 1980s and 2019, the city has more than doubled in population. Although I was born in Wyoming, my family and I moved to Boise when I was four years old, and I was raised in the Boise area.

I have moved away from Boise twice. In that time, I lived in numerous states, but gained an appreciation for Boise and Idaho in that time — an appreciation you can never really get until you see what else is out there.

So now I am back again, and with a brand new set of eyes. I never realized what an amazing city and state we live in, and I have decided to go out and explore as if I am a first-time resident of the state.

Follow me as I discover everything Boise has to offer, sometimes visiting places for the very first time!

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